I'm told our academy doesn't advise autography anymore because of the Common Core. I anticipate that's absolutely dumb. My babe was attractive advanced to acquirements this. What can be done about it?

Don't accusation the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Autography apprenticeship began crumbling 20 years ago. Increased use of technology for assignments and testing, added advisory time accustomed to added subjects, and a growing acceptance that cursive was a "horse and buggy" accomplishment in a agenda age has led to beneath accent on it in schools.

But abounding educators and parents anticipate autography shouldn't go the way of the typewriter. Analysis shows that alive cursive autography can access a student's absorption span, accent fluency, concrete allocation and adeptness to absorb information.

Studies additionally appearance that the act of autograph stimulates adroitness in the brain, says autography able Thomas Wasylyk, columnist of the "Universal Handwriting" alternation (Universal Publishing, 2014).

"People tend to bethink things they address added than things they key in," he says. "About 90 percent of all autograph assignments in grades K through 6 are done with a pencil and paper, so why stop teaching a accomplishment that is acclimated every day, by every student, in every subject?"

Cursive makes it accessible to get thoughts on cardboard quickly, addendum Kathleen Wright, artefact administrator for autography at Zaner-Bloser ("an educational curricula and agenda assets provider").

Research shows that alive cursive autography can access a student's absorption span, accent fluency, concrete allocation and adeptness to absorb information. (Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto )

Knowing cursive boosts account power, too. Greta Love, a New York librarian, helps academy acceptance hone analysis skills. She was afraid to ascertain that abounding can't apprehend primary antecedent abstracts such as actual abstracts because they'd never abstruse cursive.

While it's accurate that autography isn't allotment of the Common Core, abounding states that accept adopted the standards abide to action cursive apprenticeship — amid them California, Massachusetts, Florida and North Carolina.

If you anticipate your adolescent should apprentice cursive, and you can't get your commune to reinstate it, advise it at home, says Sharon Paul, a Massachusetts educator.

"With the appropriate abstracts to archetypal how to accomplish the acclamation properly," she says, "it's one accountable that's accessible to 'homeschool.' "

Make it fun and alternate — not backbreaker — Wasylyk says.

"Young accouchement can alpha actual aboriginal with ample autograph instruments like crayons on ample pieces of unlined paper, or bi-weekly advance out on the attic or taped to a wall," he says. "My adjustment of teaching arrangement and cursive autography is fun and agreeable for the abecedary and the students. There is a aberration amid teaching and assigning. Allotment handwriting, area the apprentice practices the letter 50 times, actual hardly has acceptable results. Autography is a accomplishment and charge be accomplished application a planned, consecutive approach." (Find Walsylyk's alternation at www.upub.net.)

Paul helped her son body faster note-taking abilities application the "Handwriting Without Tears" adjustment of apprenticeship (www.hwtears.com). "Our ambition was acquirements simple, basal acclamation through 15 account a night — never a minute longer," she says.

Just as kids are appreciative to apprehend their aboriginal book on their own, "a adolescent cannot delay to address his or her name in upper- and lower-case letters," Wasylyk says. "They can't delay to ability this anniversary in their bookish development."


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